The Hazel Jansen Foundation is a dignity-centered organization dedicated to helping new mothers in Kauai feel empowered and prepared to care for their new baby.

Hazel Jansen



Dear Kaua'i Mums,

Being a new mother is the single most life changing event we can experience as women. Compiled stressors of trying to navigate a new identity, take on new responsibility, and dealing with the new economic strains all while being sleep deprived, motherhood is simply overwhelming.

As a new mum myself, my heart is with you in alliance. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but our villages are no longer what they once were; they are digital. We must recreate our version of a village, we must recreate our version of community, and we must recreate our version of home, whatever that looks like.

Well babies must always be a priority, but well mothers are our passion, our kuleana. Let us connect heart to heart, soul to soul, and redefine support.


Zelagh;The Hazel Jansen Foundation;Hawai'i

Did you know?

THE HAZEL JANSEN FOUNDATION believes that when a baby is born, so is a mother. Therefore, we must hold onto mothers with the same careful hands we use to hold onto their babies. When we support and heal women in our communities, we support and heal communities themselves.

Nearly 1 in 3

mothers on Kauai

do not have

access to all essential
baby care supplies.

We support new mums by providing babycare essentials, scholarships, collaborations, and trauma-informed resources.



By working with local healthcare providers to understand the greatest needs of the community, we act nimbly to make the most essential goods available to new mothers by providing Covid-conscious babycare supplies through new mum healthcare providers. 


We work with our sponsors and collaborators to expand our capacity to provide new mothers with essential resources for motherhood. Click here for more information on joining our efforts to bring resources to new mothers across Kaua'i.


The Hazel Jansen Foundation’s continuously updated centralized list of resources available to moms on Kaua'i aims to help create a positive trajectory for the whole family by making social services and local programs for family support more easily accessible.


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