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Our Impact

The Hazel Jansen Foundation proudly partners with the mums and babies of our islands who need us the most, as well as the community resource organizations and healthcare providers dedicated to new mums. We are passionate about serving as the island’s connector of trauma informed resources; babycare love bundles; and new mum essential services resource directory.




How We Help

Our Commitment

The Hazel Jansen Foundation recognizes the stress new mums face along their path to motherhood.  By utilizing the five principles of trauma-informed care: Safety, Choice, Collaboration, Trust, and Empowerment, we work to provide resources that our mums can trust. The resources found on the resources page are compiled from across the island and greater state of Hawai’i. They can be searched and are constantly updated by our team.

The Foundation deeply understands how exhausting filtering information can be as a new mum, when you're tired, under pressure, and have a new one tugging at your sleeve. Resources must be accessible, rich, translatable, and rewarding, not overwhelming. We have created a guide to trauma-informed resources across the island.

The Hazel Jansen Foundation is committed to the principles of trauma-informed care and resources. We make the following commitments:

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide resources that our mums can trust. The curated list of community agencies and resources found on the resources page are compiled from across the island and greater state of Hawai’i. They can be searched and are constantly updated by our team.

HJF Connects

HJF connects healthcare providers, the new mothers they serve, and the community committed to their care in compassion as the centralized resource directory and referral for all things, both big and small, that ensure a healthy, safe experience for new mums.


Our directory of resources connects mothers to all the primary areas of well-mum and baby development including:




Food & Nutrition





Our Services

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The HJF Babycare Love Bundle

Our thoughtfully selected package of newborn essentials is designed to provide our new mums with all the items necessary to safely transport and support their child in those critical first few years. Items provided may include stroller, NICU infant transport beds, child car seats that grow with baby (up to 100lbs), Covid-conscious clothing, diapers, wipes and more. 

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Baby Care Love Bundle
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HJF has thoughtfully created multiple scholarships to support you and your O’hana. The HJF Scholarships were identified to provide selected mums with access to areas of personal and family development. Scholarships include:

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The HJF New Mum Resource Guide

Our comprehensive and exhaustive resource guide is representative of all the Islands’ new mum and infant services. This centralized database is set up so mums can easily search, navigate, and identify accessible support in critical wellness and babycare areas. 

NewMum Resources

Who We Serve

The Hazel Jansen Foundation recognizes that our O’hana is diverse in terms of who is caring for our island’s infants. Our services are open to:

  • Single mums who can demonstrate financial need

  • New mums who can demonstrate financial need

  • Primary infant caregivers who can demonstrate financial need

For the purposes of our organization, we use the term “new mum” to embrace all of these special members of our community and we invite you to consider how our resources can support your success in the critical role as a primary infant caregiver.

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